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WI-FI Gateway Server
ELX WI-FI Gateway Server is a comprehensive Internet Resource Management (IRM) server. This unique all-in-one Server Operating system provides telecom-grade power to manage your Internet resources. Gateway Server integrates a powerful bandwidth manager, access control system, firewall, content filtering sub-system, Intrusion detection system and a heavy-duty mail server equipped with anti-virus and anti-spam capabilities. Gateway Server also has host of very advanced features that are typically found in very high-end telecom softwares.
  • Easy-to-use web based user Interface for complete management
  • Multi-port Bandwidth Management
  • Manages Traffic by IP, MAC or Network Address
  • Secured client access programs available for all Windows variants and Linux OS
  • Limits traffic, both inbound and outbound separately or limit total bandwidth used
  • Design a policy for bandwidth distribution on IP or Application level
  • Integrated heavy duty mail server with virus and spam protection
  • Integrated Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to prevent DoS attacks.
  • Integrated Firewall
  • Content filtering in real time
  • PICS ratings support
  • Regular expression support for banning defined content
  • Auto fail-over support if multiple Internet connections are available.
  • Supports multiple bandwidth sources: Leased Lines, DSL or wireless links.
  • Supports PPPoE
  • Integrated System Monitor (analyze network activity)
  • Generates reports on IP or user based based Bandwidth utilization
  • Statistics gathering and reporting for any definable traffic type (IP, MAC, VLAN, data type)
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