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ELX RT 2.0

  ELX RT is a hard real time operating system that follows the POSIX 1003.13 "minimal real time operating system" standard. It comes with an Application Development tool kit and driver development tool kit to develop DAQ and control applications for specific boards.

Technical Details
  • Supported architectures : x86 (486 to PIV), AMD, VIA.
  • Number of thread priority levels: 1024
  • Typical Thread Switch Latency: 3us Varies depends on CPU
  • System Clock Resolution: 1 us
  • Application Development Tools : QT Embedded, GTK,Tcl/Tk
  • DAQ & Control Application development : sssRTLab, RTic, Simulink
Features & Advantages
  • Real-time network protocol stack
  • Priority Inversion AvoidanceYes, lock-free data structures, priority ceiling
  • Multiprocessor Support: Yes
  • Scheduling Policies:
  • Priority based, EDF, RMS, extensible scheduler
  • Programming Components:
  • Floating Point, Communication, Math Library, File Support
  • Maximum Interrupt Latency: < 12us (CPU-dependent)
  • Real time debugger to avoid system crash by canceling the thread which causes the exception.
  • A test suite for testing the validity of the ELX RT system components.

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