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  • Power Desktop 6 Beta
  • Biz Desktop 5 released
  • Wifi-Gateway Server released
  • Gateway Server 3.0 released
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Biz Desktop 5.0
ELX BizDesk is a simple and easy to use Desktop OS for business and home users. It brings to normal desktop users the stability, robustness and security or Linux along with unparalled ease of use.
  • Designed to suit the Mind-Map of a Windows user, so no re-learning required
  • Microsoft Compatible Office suite
  • Convert your documents into professional, read- anywhere PDFs or Flash file format
  • Seamlessly share files and resources on Windows networks
  • Play MPEG movies, Macromedia Flash movies and streaming videos
  • Play streaming audio, MP3,WAV, MIDI and other audio files
  • Right click on file or folder to share it with others on a Windows network
  • Easily create ZIP files by right clicking
  • Easily update your system using GUI tools, Synaptic
  • Access and control your system remotely from any location using web browser
  • USBmagic utility to quickly and easily access removable USB drives (pen-drives)
  • A centralized ELX control panel to manage all system parameters
  • Thin Client application to access Windows applications
  • WINE support built-in to install and run many native applications of Windows
  • Windows Partition Resizer

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