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  • Power Desktop 6 Beta
  • Biz Desktop 5 released
  • Wifi-Gateway Server released
  • Gateway Server 3.0 released
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ELX is a total technology products and services firm that combines open source technologies with in-house processes and product development skills. The result: products and services that provide maximum returns to our customers on their technology investments.Ourt product portfolio includes best-in-class OS, server and desktop software that combine robustness and top performance with ease-of-use. These inlclude Linux desktops ELX BizDesk and ELX PowerDesk; ELX Gateway Servera telco-class Internet resource manager; ELX PowerServeran enterprise-class feature-rich server; ELX TerminalServer for diskless, ultra-thin client systems; and ELX D-Drive, a toolkit for automating the creation of Linux device drivers for PCI cards.Using our product development and coding skills, we also develop web-based solutions and services.

  • Education Sector,
  • SMEs ,Financial trading and surveillance,
  • Statistical and quantitative modeling for risk management,
  • Media,Healthcare,Procurement,
  • Enterprise processes,
  • Multi-channel content aggregation, management and delivery
Our skills list:
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Unix, MS Windows
  • RAD Tools :QT Designer, KDEVELOP, GLADE, Ecclipse
  • Databases : Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, Sybase, mySQL, postgreSQL
  • Web Tools : Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, MS Frontpage
  • Web Scripting : PHP, JSP, Coldfusion, ASP/ASP.NET
  • Platforms : J2EE, PHP
  • Languages : Java, C++, XML, Python,PERL
  • App Servers : WebSphere, Jboss
  • Communications and presence management: Jabber, Hylafax, Kannel
  • Groupware: Phprojekt
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